About us

DeepSoftware was founded in 1999 year. We specialize in software development. Our company releases original products: nrComm Lib, IAS Log Viewer and others. Also we provide high quality IT consultations and custom software development.

DeepSoftware offers high quality custom development for various platforms: Microsoft Windows (Win32/64, .NET), Windows Mobile/CE (PDA devices), Android, Linux.
We have experienced and highly skilled developers in wide types of programmings tasks

Database clients for: MS SQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL
Solutions for remote access to main database from PDA devices (web service + PDA client)
Special software for access to original external hardware (scales, monitors, sensors etc.)
Programming the difficult tasks on C#, Delphi, C++, Assembler
Applications for Windows Mobile platform.

Delphi project migration

  • Delphi project migration from old Delphi3-7 versions to modern Delphi RAD with unicode and Windows 7/10 support
  • Delphi project conversion to C#. Redesign your old project for new platform: Microsoft .NET

You can contact us with details of your application or description of task.

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