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Application settings management is a important and base part of any application. Usually TIniFile and TRegistry classes are used for this purpose. Our company is pleased to offer new way for application settings management. Storage library is a collection of components allowing for work with application settings. The concept of Storage library is very elegant and simple:

  • The TrsStorage - main component that hold all data on tree-like in-memory structure;
  • Several TrsStorageData components that exchange data with ini, bin, xml files, registry or TStream;
  • Several TrsStorageClient components that simplify work with data;
  • Several TrsEncryptor components that encode data with various algorithms using.

Using Storage library you can gradually add functionality of application settings management in you application. And all of this without big programming!

Main features

  • In-memory tree-like data structure.
  • Data exchange with ini files, registry, binary files, TStream Delphi object, XML files
  • Data types: Boolean, Buffer, Component, Currency, DateTime, Float, Int64, Integer, Persistent, Point, Stream, String, Variant.
  • Data encrypting. Ability to save data to an external storage in the ciphered format. Now with Rijndael (AES) algorithm!
  • Unicode support.
  • Working with the published properties of other components without programming (desing time dialog).
  • Saving the form position and state without programming.
  • Little programming for operation with unpublished properties of other components.
  • Auto link references between Storage library components.
  • Links with TCustomTreeView and TCustomListView descendants for data showing.
  • All Storage library components are optimized for better speed.
  • Full context help file, demo programs, setup program are included.


Is it interesting for you? Would you like to try the Storage Library? No problems! Download the trial version of Storage Library and try it! This version work in IDE only, has the limited total number of stored published properties(no more then 25) and has no source code included. The full version of Storage Library is available for registered users only.

Download Size Description 870Kb Storage library for Delphi3-2009, CBuilder4/5/6/2006,
RAD Studio 2007-2010, RAD Studio XE - XE10.3
trial version 4.05 850Kb Storage library for Delphi3-2009,RAD Studio 2007-2010,
RAD Studio XE - XE10.3
trial version 4.05 850Kb Storage library for CBuilder4/5/6/2006,RAD Studio 2007-2010,
RAD Studio XE - XE10.3
trial version 4.05


The Storage Library is a shareware product. If you find it useful and want to receive the full version please register your copy of Storage Library. After registration you will get the full version of Storage library with source code and all next minor versions will be free for You.

Full version of Storage library for
Delphi3-2009, CBuilder4/5/6/2006,
RAD Studio 2010, RAD Studio XE - XE10.3
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