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Dear Registered Users!

We have opened new service.
If you wish to download complete versions of our products directly from our server, without prior e-mail arrangements, please read the following text attentively.

We are now supporting the PGP file encrypting. Send us your public PGP key, and every time a new version of our product is available, you will be able to easy download the PGP-encrypted file and decode it with your private PGP key. Thereby you will obtain the latest full versions of our products very quickly and without e-mail arrangements. Any moment you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Certainly, getting full versions via email remains in force as well. Choose the way which is more convenient for you.

Additional information on PGP and program for working with PGP available on

You can send the PGP public key to us: Roman Novgorodov or Andrei Roofin.
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