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IAS Log Viewer Additional Filter for the Reports

You can specify additional filter for connects selection. The connects approved by additional filter will be used for generating reports. The additional filter is an expression like WHERE statement in SQL SELECT command. It may consist of:

  • Arithmetical operations +, -, *, /
  • Logical operations AND, OR, NOT
  • String operations LIKE, NOT LIKE
  • Conditions <, >, >=, <=, <>, =
  • Connect attributes: CalledStationId, CallingStationId, ClientFriendlyName, ClientIPAddress, ConnectRequest, ConnectResult, Duration, FQUserName, InputOctets, InputPackets, NPPolicyName, OutputOctets, OutputPackets, RecordCount, ServerIP, ServerName, ServerNasPort, SessionTime, StartDateTime, StopDateTime, TerminateCause, UserIP, UserName, TransmitSpeed, ReceiveSpeed, TransmitReceiveSpeed, StartDate, StartTime, StopDate, StopTime, Class or any Cisco-AV-Pair

The following examples shows the syntax for using additional filter:

  • "OutputOctets > 1024" Select connects with output bytes great then 1024 for generating reports.
  • "UserIP = ''" Generate reports for users with IP='' only.
  • "UserName like 'ray%'" Generate reports for users with name starting from 'ray' word only.
  • "UserName like '%ray%'" Generate reports for users with name contain 'ray' word only.
  • "(ServerIP = '') and (FQUserName like '%home%')" Generate reports for users with full name contains 'home' word and connected to server with IP=
  • "(ServerNasPort=10) and (SessionTime>60)" Generate reports for users connected more then 60 seconds to NAS port=10.
  • "(UserName like '%ray%') and (OutputOctets>8096)" Generate reports for users with name contain 'ray' word in any character case and received from server great then 8096 bytes.

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