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IAS Log Viewer - Replacement For Iasparse Tool


The Microsoft IASPARSE.EXE command line utility parses logs produced by Internet Authentication Service and Remote Access Service and converts them into readable format. You can find iasparse.exe utility in Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools. But you may stop searching for iasparse utility because it has some disadvantages such a console output only, analyze whole iaslog file only, text output only and so on.
Look at out IAS Log Viewer utility - tool that replace iasparse utility. IAS Log Viewer gives system administrators more flexibility and options to process IAS log files of any size dynamically, on-the-fly, with Formula 1 speeds, providing program users with several options of data processing. Importantly, IAS Log Viewer accepts two types of log files (IAS-formatted and DB-formatted), simultaneously processes several log files (or a folder containing multiple IAS log files), works with log files real-time, and exports IAS log records or RRAS connections to HTML, XML or CSV files.

Types of Editions

Two editions are available in order to let you choose the most appropriate solution for your business: Standard and Professional.
The Standard edition is a less expensive and not support some interesting features. The Professional edition support all features that IAS Log Viewer provide. In details about difference between editions you may read here


IASViewer.zip5.1MbVersion 3.31 with setup program
IASViewerN.zip4.3MbVersion 3.31 portable (without setup)


The IAS Log Viewer is a shareware product. If you find it useful and want to receive registration code, please register your copy of IAS Log Viewer now! After registration you will get the registration code and can unlock all trial limitations.

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