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HID plugin


Teach your player to understand any remote control!


HID Plugin helps to control your media player from any Human Interface Device (HID). The HID device can be connected by Infrared, Bluetooth or any other computer interface. Plugin allows to assign an any HID button to the player actions.

Latest version of product supports two modes:

In this mode you can use the general player actions with one HID control.

Extended. $7 only!
This mode allows to use the extended set of player actions and more than one HID control at same time. For example: You can control your player from IrDA remote control and from Bluetooth at same time.

Supported Players

Current version of HID Plugin works with following media players:

WINAMP Nullsoft.
HID Plugin was tested by the official WINAMP site and now plugin is included into WINAMP plugin catalog.
Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP) .
HID Plugin supports WMP 9 and higher.

Please use our forum board, if you have any thoughts regarding improving the HID plugin. We are glad to make our product better.

Download & Buy

HID Plugin
HID Plugin Universal 634K It contains the plugin versions for all supported players. $12
HID Plugin for WINAMP 529K HID Plugin for Nullsoft WINAMP player. $7
HID Plugin for WMP 550K HID Plugin for Microsoft Windows Media Player v9 and higher. $7

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