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Easy Assembler Shell

version 5.0 (build

There are three reasons for using assembly language: speed, speed, and more speed.

This is the cool shell for assembler language. The assembler language programmer can try to use this program to increase the quality, productivity and speed of Win32 development. May be, this program is that you want. If you don't understand why the good programmers must know Assembler, try to read this papers What's Wrong With Assembly Language, What's Right With Assembly Language?

Main Features

  • Internal preprocessor. Auto adding to source the undefined imports. You can forget about EXTRN directives.
  • It includes the most full context help for Intel x86 instructions.
  • In-line friendly prompt list box (like in Delphi).
  • Multi-page file editor with syntax highlighting, bookmarks, undo, etc.
  • External plug-in Help system (You can use Win32 SDK help files, Turbo assembler Help files etc.)
  • Suitable project tree view.
  • Friendly code explorer.
  • Easy file-source manipulations (add, remove from project,new).
  • External plug-in tools. (You can use Resource WorkShope, Debugger and other)
  • External plug-in Turbo Assembler compiller and Turbo Linker (invisible execution; showing of errors in source).
  • Import make files.
  • Project file compatibly with makefile. (You can later use a project with Borland MAKER utility).
  • Wizards of the new Win32 projects. Fast start.
  • Easy setup program.
  • ... and much more.
EAS Build Project
Code Explorer
Prompt Box with Structures
Prompt Box with Structures Fields
EAS Popup Editor menu
Prompt Box with Relative Structures

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003.
  • It is necessary to have an external compiler and a linker of programs - Tasm 5, Maker Utility or Masm kit.
  • It is necessary to have an external Help files like this Win32.HLP, Tasm.HLP, RSL.HLP, etc.


You can immediately get a last trial version of EAS. It has some unimportant limitations, but this program is full functional (almost). Download Easy Assembler Shell and try !!! (size<2.5Mb) eas5setup.exe


If you are using trial (shareware) copy of Easy Assembler Shell you should register it in 30 days. After registration you will receive personal key for unlock your copy of product. As register user you will receive:

  • all next minor versions of EAS free.
  • all updates of product free.
  • technical support by email free.
  • rights for use EAS in commercial and other aims.
  • great discount for next major version of product.

You should select the type of license:

Corporate License$99 Required for organizations and corporate users.
Registration code will not related with hardware of your computer. The "Hardware ID" field is not needed during registration. Any registration name.
Personal License$19 For a single private developer only.
Registration code will not related with hardware of your computer. The "Hardware ID" field is not needed during registration. The registration name is your name only.
Student License$9 For a student only.
Registration code will related with hardware of your computer. The "Hardware ID" field is needed during registration.

For education organization (for multi license) a special price is available. Contact with us for this.

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