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nrComm Lib

The powerful library for direct work with the serial port and work with the communication devices using TAPI. With ZModem protocol support. The ready solution for barcode scanner devices is included too.

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nrComm NET

The .NET component library for serial communication. It supports USB, HID, GPS, RS232 and others devices.

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Storage library

Application settings management is a important and base part of any application. Usually TIniFile and TRegistry classes are used for this purpose. Our company is pleased to offer new way for application settings management. Storage library is a collection of components allowing to work with application settings. Using Storage library you can gradually add functionality of application settings management in you application. Storage library supports working with ini files, registry, xml files, TStream objects. Storage library provides encryption, unicode, working with published properties without programming, saving form position and much more...

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Component allows to determine inactivity of the user (mouse and keyboard idle).

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Syntax Suite

VCL library with syntax highlighting controls:
TsxEditor - powerful plain text editor.
TsxListBox - listbox (with chek or without) with syntax highlighting
Delphi/C++/SQL and other languages are supported and several auxiliary controls and components.

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Unique component for manipulation with the standard Windows calculator.

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