IAS Log Viewer


IAS Log Viewer is an administrative tool for viewing, understanding and analyzing log files from Microsoft IAS/NPS server. With the IAS Log Viewer you can view log files at user-friendly form and use it as a lite RADIUS reporting tool for Microsoft Windows IAS/NPS server.

IAS Log Viewer has a many unique features and benefits:

  • Works with log files from IAS or NPS server.
  • The fast and correct work with huge log files.
  • Support IAS-formatted, DTS compatible or ODBC formats of IAS log file.
  • Open several log files or several directories with IAS log files.
  • The smart bad lines detection module. The IAS Log Viewer skip bad lines in log file automatically.
  • Work with log files at real time. You can see records that just added by IAS automatically. No log file reopen, no refresh!
  • The real time connections view. You can see RRAS connections in real time!
  • Real-time monitor. Allows to see current metrics of ias server.
  • You can export IAS log records or RRAS connections to XML or CSV file.
  • Usage report and user usage report can be created in HTML, XML or CSV formats. The columns of that reports can be customized.
  • Command-line options for automate log files processing.
  • Additional filter for specifies reports data.
  • Cisco-AV-Pair fields support.
  • Alerts. Allows to generate action while specified event was occur.
  • User defined columns. You can create your own columns with any data and use its in views/reports.


File Size Description
iasviewer_x64.zip 20.2 Mb x64 version 3.52 with setup program
( build at February 01, 2022 )
iasviewern_x64.zip 19.9 Mb x64 version 3.52 portable (without setup)
( build at February 01, 2022 )
iasviewer.zip 19.1 Mb x86 version 3.52 with setup program
( build at February 01, 2022 )
iasviewern.zip 18.8 Mb x86 version 3.52 portable (without setup)
( build at February 01, 2022 )


IAS Log Viewer work based on subscription model. The subscription gives you free product upgrades during subscription period beginning with the date of purchase.

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